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I'm Jeffrey Eisenberg. I tutor students in Long Island to help them succeed on the SAT and ACT. I've been doing so for over 28 years. In addition, I teach Social Studies at East Meadow High School, and have been doing so for the same length of time.

I work with students to:

Students who embrace my techniques and practice them as assigned typically improve their scores significantly. I look forward to discussing with you how we can work together towards this goal.

I also tutor students in preparation for both the Global History and United States History Regents examinations, as well as the Advanced Placement exams for United States History and U.S. Government and Politics. Again, students who do the assigned work achieve a high rate of success.

Please Note: Professional ethics and district policy prevent me from tutoring any of my current classroom students. I hope that the reasons for this are appreciated and understood.

Additional information helpful for students and parents:

Exam Schedules (in Google Calendar format)
Exam Information
College Admissions and Financing Information
Trigonometry Help
Social Studies Tutoring and Information

If you are interested in having me tutor you to increase your standardized test scores, or to help you to understand your Social Studies work, please do contact me. (See info below) We will establish a mutually convenient schedule. Thanks for visiting!

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Phone: (516) 660-0168


Skype: jeffeisey